Our 5th Women’s Month Newsletter

Dear ladiesThis women’s month, how about we teach ourselves to be courteous towards one another? Below are a few examples to consider.

• To say you prefer being friends with men because women have drama etc, doesn’t really make you any better of a woman. There are over a million women on earth & you choose to have that opinion about awomen, as a woman yourself? That should tell you something about the kind of friend you become to other women. Chances are YOU are the redflag.

• Just because you chose to keep your unplanned pregnancy & another woman chose to terminate (legally), being a mother of an unplanned child doesn’t now give you the authority to degrade the choices of other women, just because theirs was different from yours. Learn to RESPECT other women’s choices without personal judgment.

• We’ve all experienced men in one way or another – regardless of whether you are a straight female or part of the LGBTQ+ community. It is extremely insensitive to laugh about another woman’s trauma! Today it’s her & tomorrow it could be YOU. That’s how unpredictable abuse is. Have some empathy and disengage from ridiculing other women’s trauma.

• As women we do not have the same aspirations. Some women love traveling, some love advancing academically or career wise & some aspire to build a family etc. We might love the same things but our goals and our priorities are personal thus they’re different. Stop “projecting” your interests & assuming other women are miserable just because they are not living YOUR ideal kind of life.

Can you think of other ways to better the relationship we women have with each other? Kindly share your suggestions under the hashtag #ZhenclareLocalUpdates

Blogger Zinhle Nkosi @TheRealZeeNkosi

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