Black Man’s Aspirations

Black people will always relate to shit even when it’s promoting black on black suppression and discouragement. Glorifying our poverty tolerance and telling ourselves it’s okay to be struggling at an age where one could not be struggling!

Read to understand correctly: Nothing wrong with realizing that you’re not doing well financially , we all go through that some of us earlier on in life and some of us later on in life, some always and some never that’s okay. What I’m saying is the problem then with us blacks starts when you personally start feeling like this is the best you can do therefore this definitely sure case has to be the best EVERY other black person can do / can get it. Promoting that most things vele aren’t for black people, “family car for what, that’s a white people thing we’re sorted with our taxi’s, as long as I can get around with a taxi I’m fine”, “Wara wara as long as i have my room at home, I won’t ever move out I’ll only get a house when I’m married! This thing of getting your own place and moving out at a certain age is for rich white people wara wara waste of money kwasha kwacima”.

Listen, that’s a circumstance you’re in, it can either change one day or not change, nothing wrong with being in that situation and acknowledging BUT my problem is with the people that speak about black men problems like they are generic, like we blacks must always accept and settle for the least we can get because we can handle poverty, like we must all now have zero aspirations in life ‘because the colour of our skin is nothing but a representation of our bask in poverty and struggle’? No man! So the sacrifices of our aslaved ancestors and the fights for our freedom and ‘unity OF ALL RACE’S’ was so we can just aspire to continue the legacy of surrendering to the system that still favours those lighter than the others?? Because now you’re free, okay, you’re settling for the changes that came with ’94 , how are you though personally continuing on the fight to change the ‘Black Men Deserves.. ” stereotype when you YOURSELF are the one promoting it???

This thing of being lazy and then playing the “until we get our land back, we’ll never be free!” card. Yazi vele we grew up in townships and rural areas and that’s okay our heritage and culture make us who we are, nothing to be ashamed of in fact take pride in that but don’t take pride in believing ukuthi just because you grew up there in that situation therefore that’s were you belong and that’s where you are destined to end up? And if you genuinely want to spend the rest of your life taking the easy way out everyday spending R12(x2) riding taxis and living at your parents house forever, instead of working towards being independent and owning your own things, making life convenient, accept that IT’S YOUR personal preference and stop looking down on black man with a bigger and different vision to what you’re used to being ‘the norm’. This black on black suppression must end, promote ukuthi we can do better, so that the next generation can work hard and the next generation even harder, till inequality is no longer associated with race!

Freedom needs to be constantly sustained, you can’t just be living off what your forefathers fought for years ago, you must continue where they left off to sustain the quality of our freedom. They fought for you to live better in RDP’s from a shack and walk where the white man walks, sit where the white man sits! They’ve given you that ‘privilege’ so you can continue the fight for freedom by working hard to break the chain that should make it easier for the following generation to progress and so on and so forth!.. The fight for freedom never stops, muntu omnyama why have you settled , it’s not over until we’re all equal!

Just that this time around the fighting is not physical/ violent and shouldn’t be through corruption, use that Bantu education and inspire AND aspire to be great. Personally I’d rather die trying to be successful and give my kids and family an even better life then to sit and wallow in my forefathers efforts. Why surrender to an average black person’s life when you can contribute to the rise of the ‘success hungry’ generation of colour that’s trying to take the world by storm!

My people let’s reevaluate some of our aspirations, it’s too early to surrender to poverty.