Rise Mzansi & Make HIV Normal Again!

It’s strange how the same people that are quick to judge people with HIV are the same people who have kids that were unplanned, with partners they never got tested with. You out of all people should know mistakes happen, why are you judging?

Just because you got a baby out of your unprotected sex doesn’t mean all people who got HIV got it from having sex with countless random strangers or filthy people etc. Just like how a baby can be formed from one mistake, you can get the virus the same way, it takes one unprotected/ popped condom mistake! And that’s it, you’ve got it forever. When i go for my regular testing, I’ve never arrived there and found a queue of couples or people who are just into cassual sex or hooking up as friends etc waiting to get tested together for just in case a condom breaks while they’re having sex. No, but you people act so sure of your status and that of the person you’re sleeping with like you can see through their skin and spot the incurable virus. “Ja i don’t see, the HIV on your left arm today. Come, lets hookup real quick.” Doesn’t work that way. Whether someone is your full-time partner or your casual or part-time, on and off etc If you’re gonna have sex with someone there’s a possibility of a condom breaking (if you even use one.) Majority of partners or people in South Africa don’t get checked on a regular or together, BUT the way people be quick to judge people with HIV, yoh haha it’s shocking! You yourself are not sure if you have it or if the person you sleep with doesn’t have it, you’re not 100 sure, heck MOST OF US ARE NEVER SURE THROUGHOUT OUR DATING LIVES YET YOU JUDGE!

So It really saddens me shame that most people living with HIV are still being classified as “dirty” or as people who slept around etc yet so many people have careless sex on a regular, condoms break on the regular and most don’t use protection at all sometimes and they impregnate or get pregnant. The only thing most people have accepted about HIV is that okay it doesn’t kill, you can still live your life and have it under control if you take your medication, exercise etc they know that now, that’s good BUT YOU STILL HAVE THESE STEREOTYPICAL IGNORANT VIEWS when it comes to who can actually get infected with it, like it has time to discriminate or something smh. (You can be wearing Gucci underwear chilling in Sandton, going to church everyday and being faithful to the person you’re dating. You sleep with that one person. Condom breaks or you trust them because you re faithful to them you think they are also faithful to you, then tadda! Now they have infected you and HIV can take years to reveal itself. You didn’t go get the injection because you didn’t think much about it all that mattered to you was “the condom was still empty so no baby shall be formed inside you, (because that’s the only think that pops into peoples heads when the condom breaks, right? ” OMG i don’t want to be pregnant, quick let me take the pill!”, what about HIV shouldn’t you fear that more than pregnancy?

People with kids should be the least judgmental when it comes to STD’s. Next time you think of judging someone who has HIV, think about how you ended up with an unplanned child. That’s the same way YOU could have contracted the virus. So before you see them as “disgusting,” don’t forget to look in the mirror first and also call YOURSELF disgusting for having sex and falling victim to the consequences of basically having sex. Mistakes happen okay. Unplanned baby, unplanned HIV same WhatsApp group. In fact anyone who has sex nje and doesn’t test on a regular and doesn’t test every person before they sleep with them each time, whether it’s your long term partner or temporary lover. You and HIV are in the same WhatsApp group because anything like that is possible when you’re sexually active just like how a baby is possible when you have sex. So stop being judgmental please, It’s 2019 HIV should be a household infection now cause fact is it’s a house hold virus vele people should be living freely in the open by now and not have to feel uncomfortable about revealing their status still in 2019 all because of ignorant hypocrites.

The more we talk about HIV/AIDS and be accepting of it as just another common infection (because it is), the sooner we can all get used to it and by normalizing it we will then naturally be mentally programmed or reminded to take extra precautions each time before we have sex. Why do we want to make it forever a taboo thing even in the future (because this is the future basically) Those who are not grasping what i am saying, will mistaken this post as me saying “HIV must be a cool thing”, no that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying mistakes happen when you’re sexually active, if people can be accepting of unplanned pregnancy, why can’t we be as understanding when it comes to HIV because it’s also something unplanned and the common way of getting it is the same way you get a baby. Commonilize HIV by accepting it and accepting those who have it without making them feel lesser of human beings like they did something out of this world to have it. Sex is a common activity, “sex carelessness” is a common thing. Yazi by now there should be some type of small light quick affordable biodegradable HIV tests that one can purchase freely and keep in their drawer, handbag or pockets etc especially in Africa, so we can test each other before engaging in sexual activities even if its casual. Testing kits should be easily accessible eMzansi like ama condom. Government is sleeping on reinventing useful things to help people of this country (Selfish politicians have their priorities elsewhere). Testing for HIV should be free so that is can become the norm.

Normal enough until it becomes a part of life a. It’s 2019 now guys, educate yourselves and enough with passing judgement when contracting this virus can happen to you too one day. The more HIV positive people can live freely in the open, the more we can learn from them and be more responsible when it comes to sexual encounters, the more aware again we can be of the virus and the more frequent people can push themselves to get tested regularly. Testing should be cool guys, but cool without taking away from the fact that having HIV DOES NOT make one dirty/loose, they were just as careless as those who had unplanned pregnancies or those who’ve taken [the pill] or made a woman take a morning after pill because of carelessness and that is like 9 out of 10 people in SA. Most of us sexually active individuals have put ourselves at risk of contracting HIV at one point or another in our lives, some people get HIV in their marriages even, sad reality.

So please lets stop being hypocrites, take care of ourselves and each other and be a voice for one another especially us Africans. We are one, with or without our life mistakes we are all still humane at the end of the day, like i always say, life is never predictable, stop being judgmental especially if you’re sexually active you don’t have much leg to stand on. And if you have HIV, mistakes happen, speak out and use that mistake / experience to educate and empower others, kill the stereotypes and ignorance by making South Africans aware again. Now that we can manage the virus, lets focus on stopping the spread.