About Us

What Our Name Means?

“Zhēn: Chinese meaning “precious, rare”, meaning “real, genuine”, meaning virtuous, chaste, loyal”

“Clare: A cognate of Clara, which is derived from the Latin clārus meaning bright, clear, famous”

Our History

Founded in 2018 on Women’s month by 25 years old Zinhle Thandeka Nkosi, ZHēNCLARE (Pty) LTD is a private organization that is dedicated to challenging the way we see ourselves, how we treat others, as well how we care for the world we live in. Our goal is to attempt to recreate a world that is kind to all living organisms.

We generate and distribute donations, we also accept public donations from those who live a ZHēNCLARE lifestyle. If you seek assistance or wish to donate, please visit our contact page. We do pickups and drop-offs.

What Drives Us
  • Self love
  • Humanity
  • Global Care

Our Ideology

Taking care of your health should be just as important as assisting those in need and nourishing the earth. We at ZHēNCLARE believe all three should be made a priority in all of our lives in order for there to be positive change in society. From one being prioritizing their mental and physical wellness by eating well and exercising, to helping the less fortunate / the troubled through donating, doing charity work on a regular basis and providing support through counselling etc. That would then result in us all being in a better and more positive state to work together in focusing on tackling earthly issues. Recreating a safer, sustainable, less polluted and greener universe for all organisms to thrive efficiently and benefit from, equally!

Founder, Zee Nkosi © 2018 (@TheRealZeeNkosi on Twitter & Instagram)
We at Zhēnclare Org strongly encourage that personal wellness become the norm and that giving back, be an everyday activity. Charity work should be common courtesy and not just be dwelt upon on special days for a few hours. For example, imagine if 67 min of Mandela was everyday… It starts here! Just as bad doings can be adopted and adapted, good behavior can be adapted too with proper consistency and dedication. We encourage people to love and take care of themselves, we encourage people to donate to charities and be part of a good cause on a regular and we encourage everyone to live green. Resulting in a safer, greener and more nurtured environment filled with strong, healthier and fit individuals who’s generosity and assertiveness surpasses the negative, whilst also being kind to other earthly organisms.

“Let us work together in reshaping ourselves and our world into a better more precious brighter place filled with less global suffering, let us ZHēNCLARE.”